The Connect 'Hard Or Soft' Tshirt: Black With Red and White Print


The Connect Clothing and Apparel 'Hard Or Soft' T-shirt


The Connect "Hard Or Soft" t-shirt is Black with Red print,  "The Connect" Logo is also printed on the back in Red. 




Here at “The Connect” our goal is to break down  barriers and make new connections. We love what we do! Our products are expressions of our life experiences. We take pride in quality, design and innovation while respecting tradition.
Our Head Designer and Co-founder Stephen Brown was born in Kingston, Jamaica in the early 80s. He spent most of his childhood  traveling before settling in South Florida. His design philosophy is to keep it clean and classy, but most of all, “Do you!” Brown has worked in the graphic design, web design, retail and apparel industry for the last seven years.
“It's not always what you know or how talented you are. Sometimes, it's who you know and how hard you work. Knowledge is power. There are many types of knowledge, you need to know how use them all. Get connected and work hard!” Stephen Brown.


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